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Day 25: Pursued by a Girl

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Volume 3

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Midori Kasugano, Seiji Sawamura, Nao Makinoha, Shiro Makinoha

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Day 25: Pursued by a Girl is the 25th chapter of Midori Days and the fourth chapter of Volume 3 of the English manga. It plays as the second-half of a story started in the previous chapter: Day 24: Pursued by a Girl


Seiji comes to the horrifying realization that the doctor's assistant from yesterday is classmate Nao Makinoha. He panics, wondering how he will avoid her and, especially, keep from being dissected by her father. He tries desperately to run all over town to escape, but she manages to beat him to the pass no matter where he goes. Despite believing how this will end, Seiji and Midori are left bewildered at the conclusion of the situation and what Nao even wants.


The chapter starts with Seiji complaining about a run-in with some delinquents, apparently they picked a fight after bumping into Seiji only to cower and desperately apologize once they realized who he was. Seiji tries to act cool about the situation afterwards and Midori begins to squeal in adoration over Seiji. The two have their conversation cut short as Seiji bumps into a girl, and she harshly slams face-first into the ground. Seiji quickly apologizes for it, only to be bewildered by the bizarre assortments of items in the girls bag. She quietly puts her items back in her bag before calmly asking Seiji if Midori is okay. Seiji expresses shock as to how Nao even knows about Midori, and Nao pulls a facemask from her pocket before turning to face Seiji. To Midori and Seiji's horror, they realize Nao is the doctor assistant from the meeting with Shiro Makinoha.

The scene shifts to class where Seiji is in the middle of a lecture. Seiji, distracted, is questioning the alarming danger of the situation. He had no idea Nao was in this class, having never noticed her before, and cannot believe his horrid luck that they share a classroom. He panics, wondering who Nao has told, but realizes that if she had told anyone, the whole school would know by now. He tries to figure out her angle, and looks towards her only to see her dead-eyed stare looking back at him. He then has an alarming daydream of Nao knocking Seiji out with a hammer, being taken back to Shiro where his arm is amputated and Midori is taken away in a jar, and Shiro offering a number of bizarre hand replacements including a functional hand puppet. Seiji returns to reality, refusing to let any of that happen.

Midori manages to fully capture Seiji's attention and tells him class is over. He looks over to Nao, who is distracted with putting her things away in her bag, and Seiji sneaks out of the classroom... but somehow runs smack into Nao. Standing in the hallway, staring at Seiji with the same deadpan stare, Seiji panics and bolts the opposite direction. As he almost reaches the bottom of the stairs, there is Nao, standing and staring. He manages to escape the school and takes a breather near a brick-furnace, lamenting his thirst. A person offers him a drink and Seiji accepts, only to spit it out in terror when he realizes this kind soul is Nao, standing and staring at him. Seiji bolts to a nearby taxi and tells him to drive, only to be horrified as the driver staring at him is none other than Nao. Seiji runs in terror, completely confused as to what is even happening.

As Seiji stops for a breath, and Midori questions him over a quote he gave earlier about "Never turning your back on the enemy", Seiji looks up in terrified realization that the place he is sitting is on the curb of the Makinoha Residence, the place Rin had dropped him off at in Day 24: The Wonders of the Body. Before Seiji can react, Shiro appears, holding a small water pistol. He laughs at the realization that Seiji and Nao are classmates. Nao watches behind Shiro as he shoots Midori with a strange liquid that Shiro states is a powerful adhesive. With this, Midori's unnatural strength cannot stop him, and he readies a syringe to take Seiji hostage. As Seiji prepares for a fight, Nao then knocks Shiro out completely unprompted to an absolutely confused Seiji and Midori. She grabs Seiji's hand, looks at Midori, and quietly mutters "amazing". Without a word of explanation, Nao sets up a camera, pulls Seiji and Midori in, flashes a peace sign, takes the glossy photo from the camera, looks at it with a gentle smile, then turns her deadpan stare back on and looks at Seiji. She then walks away, Seiji still having no idea what just happened.

Chapter References[]

Day 24: The Wonders of the Body: Much of the plot is functionally repeating information from the previous chapter, but with Nao being the focus this time rather than her father.


  • Nao's bookbag included a patchwork teddy bear with numerous needles jammed in it, a kit including a pair of scissors, a formaldehyde jar containing a frog, a small medicine bottle with a big "X" on it, several syringes, a Sphygmomanometer, and a Twanas (stick figure) made popular by the movie The Blair Witch Project.
  • Nao's desk only appears once in Day 3: The Lonely Mad Dog, however Nao is not seated at it when it is visible. Besides this, her desk has not been visible until this chapter.
  • In Seiji's daydream, Shiro offers Seiji a replacement set of hands including: A bizarre arm-cannon, a drill, the chainsaw he used, a massive gauntlet with spiked fingers, a small arm with a fully metal hand, a nub, and a ringed arm gauntlet with a spike that looks suspiciously like the same hand-hook used by Crocodile (a major antagonist in the manga One Piece).
  • When Seiji gets in the taxi, he says to take him to "Minami Hiritsu", which sounds incredibly similar to "Minami Hiryu", the location Yukari got off the train for school in Day 13: Operation: Decoy. The Hiragana and Katakana are also incredibly similar, Hiryu being ひりゅ and ヒリュー, and Hiritsu being ひりつ and ヒリツー.
  • Shiro's squirt gun was a toy Killer Whale.
  • Nao's entire set of abilities demonstrated in this chapter seem to be entirely comedic effect. She regularly uses Hammerspace in ways that completely defy logic (even by the standards of the bizarre things that have happened in the manga), but are solely used for comedic effect.