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Day 24: The Wonder of the Body

Manga Volume

Volume 3

Characters introduced

Shiro Makinoha, Nao Makinoha

Returning Characters

Midori Kasugano, Seiji Sawamura, Rin Sawamura, Takako Ayase

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Day 23: The Ways of a Man

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Day 25: Pursued by a Girl

Day 24: The Wonders of the Body is the 24th chapter of Midori Days and the third chapter of Volume 3 of the English manga. It plays as the first-half of a story, resolved in the next chapter: Day 25: Pursued by a Girl.


Rin takes Seiji out of school and to a doctor that can help understand Seiji and Midori's condition. At first the doctor seems helpful, but it quickly becomes obvious that Seiji and Midori's health is less important than him getting the recognition he feels he deserves. Things escalate and eventually a chainsaw is brought in for an impromptu operation.


In class, a bored Midori makes a tiny paper crane. As Midori compliments her work, Seiji stares down at her as he has this sudden, weird realization. He doesn't fully understand how her body works. As he asks himself this question, he hears a familiar voice from the window. He turns to his horror to see his sister, arms folded triumphantly, standing on the windowsill. Ayase is confused by the sudden appearance of this woman and demands an explanation. Rin throws her off guard by handing her a compliment, stating she is Seiji's sister, and then dragging Seiji off out of the classroom. As she does, she bumps a quiet girl in a headband. The remainder of the class mutters and gossips about Rin's legendary background as a gang leader, and the girl Rin bumped stares emotionless towards where Rin left the room.

The next scene starts with Seiji standing on the sidewalk near a spooky home. The cinderblock wall is topped with barbed wire, and a dead tree sits out front. Rin, sitting in a convertible, tells Seiji this is the house of a scientist she got to help them, and then just speeds away, leaving Seiji and Midori behind. Before they can even get their bearings, they're approached by a man in a suit and tie, wearing a nice coat. He introduces himself as Shiro Makinoha, and asks Seiji to come inside to discuss his situation, mentioning Rin had already told him about Seiji. As Shiro leads them in, Midori looks concerned.

Midori verbalizes this concern to Seiji as they relax in an easy-chair, the walls of the room lined in beakers, papers, books, and various other memorabilia and medical apparatus. Shiro, now sporting a lab coat, enters the room and sits down, asking Seiji to tell him the problem. When he reassures Seiji this will absolutely be confidential, Midori introduces herself politely. At first everyone laughs, but Shiro is shocked. He assumed that Seiji's condition was a human-shaped growth, but this far exceeded his assumptions. He thinks to himself that a medical disorder like this could get him famous and get back as "that institute that kicked me out". Returning to his calm demeanor, he begins running some tests.

He performs many standard tests including taking her temperature. checking her body, checking the interior of her mouth and throat, checking blood pressure, and even checking her heartbeat, of which he is shocked she has her own separate heart from Seiji. The only thing he cannot do is collect a urine sample, as Midori notes she can't actually do that as is, and both her and Seiji just assume his body takes care of that for her. The more Shiro learns, the more sinister his implications become, especially as he thinks to himself "I want to see... see her insides!" Shiro tries to get an X-Ray to solve these bizarre mysteries, but is absolutely dumbfounded when the X-Ray stops at Seiji's wrist, Midori doesn't even show up on the film. Without warning, Shiro shouts out that they must operate. Seiji refuses and goes to leave quickly as Shiro's sinister ideas become obvious, but before he can leave the room, he is knocked unconscious by a woman with a large hammer.

As Seiji wakes, he is horrified to see both he and Midori are shackled to a large, round, metal table. Seiji, unable to move, watches in horror as Shiro pulls out a chainsaw, preparing to operate. Seiji is unable to move as Shiro touts the ideals of scientific advancement, his female assistant standing nearby. Midori, however, becomes enraged at the prospect of the doctor harming Seiji, and suddenly gains insane strength. She manages to not only unshackle herself by breaking it, but also completely rips Seiji free from the table before hoisting it over her head. She then tosses it angrily, and the scene goes to outside as Shiro begs for his and his assistant's life while Midori wrecks the lab. By the time the scene returns to the lab interior, the assistant is lightly sweeping the debris as Shiro laments that he failed to get his research. He then apologizes to his assistant, Nao, stating she could have a better life if he was more famous and had gotten approval over by his colleagues at the institute. The assistant, Nao, removes her facemask, revealing her to be the girl from Seiji's class. She blushes slightly. The final panel is a shot of the sky, and the word "Lovely".


  • It is never explained how, but Rin appeared in the window of Seiji's class on the second floor.
  • This chapter does help shed some light on a few things regarding Midori's condition. Apparently she has a fully functional heart despite the redundancy of it given she's on Seiji's arm. Her throat and mouth appear to be medically no different than any other, and all excretory function is handled likely by Seiji as none of them can explain where what she eats goes. It can thus be assumed that Midori's body has functionally the same musculature, bone structure, and organs as any other girl until roughly her hips where she connects to Seiji, at which point everything below that doesn't exist and is just Seiji's arm. This also adds the surprise that apparently she can be photographed as seen in several prior chapters, but an X-Ray fails to show anything at all.
  • Both Nao and Shiro are given the last name "Makinoba" in this volume only, and "Makinoha" in every other subsequent volume. It appears this is a translation error as the Hiragana for ha は and ba ば are incredibly similar, and thus the translation staff may have used the wrong translation on their first apperance. He is referred to as "Makinoha" in this article since that is his name in every other appearance.